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Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy Students

At the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy we are proud to have trained some of the world’s best over the past 40 years. We train students from across the world to be the best. By establishing and maintaining high standards through training, education and best practice our students can compete with confidence.

Take a look at the achievements of some of our students in this field.

Darcy McBride

Darcy started shooting a Beretta Silver Pigeon .410 at the age of 11. Shooting runs in the family as both his grandfather and father are shooters.

Emily Chumbley

Emily Chumbley started training with Philip in 2017 when her Dad, Ed Chumbley who regularly trains with us, introduced her to the sport.

‘Little’ John Porter

John, also known as ‘The Machine’, joined the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy in 2017 and already competes at a higher level for his age.

Seth Peters

Seth started shooting at the age of 12, joining the academy in 2019. Under coaching from Ben Thorrold, Seth quickly progressed through C Class.

Ruben Calton

Ruben has been shooting since he was 7 years old has aged 15 has now progressed into B Class and Colts.

Henry Bevan

At the age of seven Henry began shooting on the farm with his father. He soon became a keen clay and now competes at a higher level for his age.

Aaron Harvey

Aaron started clay shooting at the age of 15 when his Dad introduced him to Philip Thorrold at the academy.

Ami Hedgecock

Ami started competing in 2015 after her dad and brother encouraged her to have a go at a local shoot.

Charlie Soanes

Charlie began shooting at six-years-old when he helped his dad with pheasant and partridges on the family’s game shoot.

Taylor Hedgecock

Taylor has been shooting since he was eight when he was taken clay shooting by his grandad, Gordon Webster and has never looked back.

Philip Thorrold Students
Philip Thorrold Academy Students

Philip's Shooting Career

Philip has been shooting since the age of six and has over 50 years’ experience. He is regarded as one of the World’s Top Shooters.

About Us

The Philip Thorrold Shooting is based in Norfolk but our skilled team have experience of shooting all over the world.


We have trained hundreds of people over the years. Please take a look at what some of them say about working with the Academy.

To find out how we can help you or one of your family develop as a shooter by joining the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, please get in touch.

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