Philip's Shooting Career

Philip has been shooting since the age of six and has over 50 years’ experience. He is regarded as one of the World’s Top Shooters and has been a professional/International Shooting Coach since 2004, training students in all fields. Below is a timeline of Philip’s shooting career.

Shooting Videos

Take a look at a collection of interviews Philip has given about his career and experience.

Dove Hunting Videos

Watch videos of Philip and Jessica dove hunting in Argentina and other locations.

Philip's Clay Shooting Gallery

Sample a flavour of our great simulated game shoots on the Quidenham Estate in Norfolk.

Philip's Hunting Gallery

See some great images taken out in the field of Philip and others during hunting expeditions.

1979 1st
British Open Sporting Juniors
1979 1st
Norfolk Sporting Juniors
1979 3rd
English Fitasc Sporting Juniors
1979 1st
Ely Sporting Final Juniors
1979 2nd
Ely Side by Side Championship
1980 1st
Shooting Times Sporting
1980 4th
British Fitasc Grand Prix
1981 = 2nd
English Fitasc Grand Prix
1981 1st
Shooting Times Sporting Championship
1981 2nd
Colt Car Sporting Championship
1981 1st
Chatsworth House Sporting Championship
1981 = 2nd
SAAB National Sporting Final
1981 22nd
European Fitasc GB Team Member “B” Team
1981 2nd 124/125
British Open Skeet Championship
1981 2nd
Game Fair Sporting
1981 1st
Norfolk Sporting Championship
1982 1st
British Open Sporting Side/Side
1982 1st
East Anglia Sporting Championship
England Team Member Sporting
1983 = 2nd
Suffolk Sporting Championship
1983 1st
Winchester Sporting Knock Out
1983 1st
Shooting Times Sporting Championship
1984 1st
Norfolk Sporting Championship
1984 1st
English Fitasc Grand Prix
1984 2nd 223/225
British Open Skeet
1984 1st
Winchester Sporting Knock Out
1984 = 2nd
English Open Sporting
1984 1st
English All Round Championship
1985 1st
British Open Sporting
1985 1st
British Open Fitasc Sporting
1985 1st
English Open Skeet
1985 1st 399/400
NSSA European Iron Man Skeet, Germany
Member of Great Britain Team
1986 1st
Subaru Side by Side Championships
1986 1st
SAAB 200 & Gunmark Championships
Great Britain Team Gold Medal Fitasc
Moving on...

Philip started his own company called East of England Demolition. At this point in 1986 while representing Team GB in the European Fitasc Championships they won the Team Gold. In the excitement of being with shooting friends away from home drinking and partying over the course of the trip, things got out of hand when he picked up a fire extinguisher and covered his friends in foam in the team hotel. This turned out to not be one of his better ideas. The CPSA banned him for bringing the sport into disrepute for 6 years. Philip was very disillusioned at the outcome - his friends received a 1-year suspension. There was no unsporting conduct ever on the competition grounds. He hung up his guns, respected their decision and moved onto another chapter in his life - demolition.

Philip's son Ben was born
Philip moved further afield with his business Nationwide Demolition, travelling into Wales and Scotland
1993 1st
Beretta World Championship
1995 1st
Beretta World Championship
1996 1st
Suffolk Open DTL Championships 100/300
Philip’s daughter Jessica was born
Philip decided to call it a day with his demolition business and focus on making a living out of shooting - doing what he enjoys
2004 1st
F.E.D.E.C.A.T Compak/Sporting World Championships, Moscow
Start of the Academy

Philip started what is now called the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy after winning the World Championships in Moscow. Philip then got invited by Michael Goveron, Director of Kirov Shooting Organisation, who asked him to show them the way Philip shoots. Philip then carried on travelling across Russia taking part in all major Championships and coaching in all their major shooting clubs until COVID-19.

Philip also travelled coaching clients and taking part in competitions in places such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia, Dubai, Kuwait and China.

Philip invited to China by Professor Wen to coach Chinese clients
2008 1st 198/200
Fitasc Compak Sporting European
2008 2nd
Fitasc Sporting European
Philip travelled to Kazakhstan partridge shooting and coaching game shooters
2010 1st
British Open Sporting
Philip started Simulated Game Days at Andrew Johnson’s farm with his son Ben Thorrold
2011 1st
CPSA CLA Champion of Champions
Philip travelled to Argentina for the first time with Russia friends to go dove hunting
2017 1st
Senior World Compak Sporting Championships
2018 Runner Up
Beretta World Sporting Championships
Family businesses

Philip’s son, Ben Thorrold, started his future business running CPSA 100 Reg Sporting Competitions at Barrow Sporting Clays. Ben also runs commercial Championships at Hunston Wood, Stowlangtoft and corporate events at other locations.

Philip and his daughter Jessica started Quidenham Estate Shoot offering luxury Simulated Game Days, Corporate Events, Stag Parties, Birthday Parties and more.


When COVID-19 arrived, government stopped all shooting activities which then led Philip, Ben, and Jessica to other chapters in life. They created Grand Paws Limited, breeding guard dogs – Rottweilers, Can Corso, Dobermans, Giant Schnauzer and German Shepherds, as well as Queen of Cats Limited breeding British Shorthairs and Ragdolls.

2022 1st 110/120
Veterans English Open
2022 1st in Veterans and 2nd Overall 114/120
Beretta World Championships
2022 1st Overall and 1st in Veterans 90/100
Suffolk Sporting Championships
2022 1st in Veterans 99x100
British Open English Skeet
2022 Joint 1st in Veterans 111/120
The Pro One Challenge

To find out how we can help you or one of your family develop as a shooter by joining the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, please get in touch.

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