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About Us

Philip Thorrold Shooting is based in East Anglia with the Shooting Academy itself based in Norfolk. However, we travel all over the country and the world instructing, loading and running shoots.

Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, founded by Philip Thorrold, was created to provide you with the best source of knowledge and training. We offer one-to-one tuition for complete novices and game shots through to European and World competition shooters. The Academy is not endorsed by any sponsorship nor has any ties to other companies, which we believe gives us the freedom to provide 100% honest knowledge, training and products.

In recent years, the Academy has experienced rapid growth. To accommodate this growth we have expanded in just about everything we do. With the creation of multiple arenas setup with a whole variety of different traps, loads of additional traps added to the entire shooting ground and the introduction of more coaches. All this provides you with the very best in training for all shooting disciplines.

Meet the Team

Philip Thorrold

Philip has been shooting since the age of six beginning with an air gun. He first entered Junior competitions at the age of 17 and went straight into AA Seniors at 18 and maintained AA/ AAA level throughout his career. Today he is a AAA with a 94 average and competing in Veterans Class 2022.

Over the years Philip has won a variety of World, British and English titles in Sporting, Compak, Fitasc and Skeet and being a part of England and GB Team. He is renowned as one of the world’s most natural shooters and has been a professional shooting coach around the world for over 20 years.

Philip is now in partnership with his son and daughter running successful dog and cat breeding businesses.

Academy Director and Shoot Instructor

Philip Thorrold

Ben Thorrold

Ben has been shooting since the age of 12, has over 20 years’ experience and has been coaching students of all abilities from novice to champion shooters for over ten years at Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy.

Ben has travelled the world with Philip since a young age and in his later years competed with Philip in major championships.

Ben also runs his own successful business, 'Barrow Sporting Clays', a CPSA competition ground near Bury St Edmunds running twice a month, and also in partnership with Philip breeding guard dogs, company called 'Grand Paws Limited'.
Shoot Instructor

Ben Thorrold

Jessica Thorrold

Jessica is the Administration Manager at Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy. She started shooting at a young age learning with a 4/10 shot gun in the garden.

Jessica has travelled with Philip and Ben to various shooting grounds in Europe and abroad watching them both compete in major championships which is where she gained valuable experience and knowledge of the sport. Jessica has also been hunting in Russia and Argentina which also gives her a greater understanding of different hunting and shooting traditions as well as cultures around the world.

Jessica also runs her own business, the successful Quidenham Estate Shoot and has another business breeding British Shorthairs and Ragdolls, Queen of Cats Limited.

Administration Manager

Jessica Thorrold

To find out how we can help you or one of your family develop as a shooter by joining the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, please get in touch.

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