One to One Shooting Tuition

For the most comprehensive hands-on lessons, personally tailored to your experience, book our one to one tuition today!

Each lesson covers gun fit, working on problem targets, technique, concentration and muscle memory.

One to one package

Assessment of your shooting. This package includes:

  1. Checking what’s right and wrong with your shooting
  2. Eye Dominance
  3. Gun Fit
  4. Gun Balance
  5. Cartridges and Chokes
  6. Stance
  7. Techniques
  8. How to train to take your shooting to another level

With this session you will take away valuable information which you can use in other gun clubs and in competitions.

Cost of this package is £120.00 per hour + 30p per clay.

One to One Shooting Tuition

Extra information

Cartridges are not included in above prices, bring your own or please let us know at the point of booking so we can reserve you some.

Please complete this form if you would like to join the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy for one to one tuition:

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