Darcy McBride

Darcy started shooting a Beretta Silver Pigeon 410 at the age of 11. Both his grandfather and father are shooters, after a few years of shooting air rifles, Darcy decided he would like his own shot gun. He started to take the shooting more seriously in 2017 when he entered a series of competitions for The Schools Challenge. Darcy entered the first two competitions, but it became clear very quickly that he needed to move onto a 20 gauge to shoot competitively. Darcy received a Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 gauge for his 13th birthday and continues to shoot with this now age 14.

Darcy trains with Philip as often as he can but not as often as he would like, due to school commitments. He currently trains once per week, but this increases when the opportunity presents itself e.g. school holidays. Darcy’s goal for 2019 is to shoot much more competitively and in other disciplines, at the moment he only concentrates on ESP.

He recently to his surprise, had to shoot Sport trap as part of the Lyelvale Express Masters. Darcy scored 24/25 and found he really enjoyed this discipline too. Having had a taste of a few Major Competitions this year, Darcy’s goal is to win the 2019 British Open and really put himself on the Colts radar.

His advice to anyone getting into shooting would be to listen to your coach, find a coach you really get on with, don’t allow one mistake to fester in your head and ruin the rest of your card (hard to do) and look at every target no matter how easy you think it is! A silly mistake will cost you! Darcy is excited for 2019. He’s eager for success and knows if he works hard enough and trains hard enough he will get there.

Joined the Academy: 2013

Shooting Fields: English Sporting

Darcy McBride

Darcy's Shooting Achievements


  • 1st in Clay Shooting Classic – Sport trap Juniors 94/100 & 3rd Overall in Juniors 64/75
  • 2nd in Juniors English Open 2022
  • 1st in Beretta World Championships Colts 99/120


  • 2021 Herts County ESP Championship, Redricks Sporting Clays Junior Champion
  • The Worlds, E J Churchill 7th Juniors STR, 8th Juniors ESP, 13th A Class
  • S E England Shoot Selection, Southdown Gun Club 1st A Class, 3rd Juniors
  • Beretta Worlds, E J Churchill 1st Colts
  • Clay Shooting Classic, Orston 1st A Class STR, 1st Juniors STR, 3rd Juniors ESP (CB)
  • Lyalvale Express Sportrap Masters Junior Champion
  • Lyalvale Masters English Sporting, Atkin Grant & Lang 4th Juniors
  • National Inter Counties English Sporting, Highwaymans Joint 2nd Juniors
  • British Open 2021, E J Churchill – Swinton Estate 101 ex 120 losing out on a place in the final due to CB Essex Masters 2021. Hepworth Hall Joint 5th Juniors
  • English Open Sportrap 2021, High Lodge 3rd Juniors (CB)


  • The Churchill Cup, E J Churchill 1st Juniors

  • The British Open, Garlands Junior Champion

  • The Beretta Worlds, Deptford Farm 1st Place A Class, 1st Place Colts

  • Lyalvale Express Masters, Atkin Grant & Lang 4th Juniors

  • The Premier League 3rd Colts


  • 2019 British Open 2nd in Colts and B Class.

  • 2019 February Challenge at Oxford Gun Company 3rd in Juniors

  • 2019 The Oxford Gun Company 1st in Preps

  • 2019 AGL English Sporting 90/100 1st in Colts & Joint 1st in B Class

  • 2019 April Schools Challenge 50 sporting, 48/50 Overall winner

  • 2019 2nd English Open Sporting at West Midlands Shooting Ground. 96×100


  • 1st in Preps and overall High Gun Yildiz Championships

  • 2nd in U18 Schools Challenge 2018 March in Preps

  • British Schools and Young Shots Championships U14


  • 2nd in Colts Herts Sporting Championships

  • 3rd in Colts Festival of Shooting & Countryside

  • Schools Challenge 2017 1st Winter Series

  • 1st in Preps 2nd Winter Series

  • 2nd in Preps 4th Winter Series

  • 2nd in Preps 5th Winter Series

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