We have trained hundreds of people over the years. Please take a look at what some of them say about working with the Academy.

We had a great lesson and Philip is a very natural, talented tutor. We both learned so much and are eager to try our new approach. Thanks from both of us, we will be back to hone our skills in the near future.

Bryan Colborn
I came to Philip Thorrold’s Shooting Academy after 5 years of shooting in Russia. I didn’t know even how to formulate what I needed to do in shooting clays. Our tuitions became a real invention for me.
During my first visit in 2020 we began from basics and it gave me a real understanding in technics ang gunfitting.
My next visit to Philip was in 2021 and we were working with duplets during 4 days.
Out tuitions gave me something really amazing in understanding processes in my shooting and in my head.
I’ve never earlier met such sensitive and effective approach to the student.
Every our lesson gave me a real new level in my shooting, my confidence and my skill.
If you go to Philip Thorrold’s Shooting Academy you get much more than you can expect. Your level will move forward after each lesson. Because Philip knows what exactly you need in this kind of sport. He work not only with phisics but also with your head.
Every minute with Philip was invaluable for me. Thank you, Philip Thorrold.
Viktor Sedov

Ben has been teaching Little John for around 3 years and has taken him from a C shot scoring 50’s to an A shot scoring 80’s and 90’s, soon to be an AA shot.

Others put up barriers of age and what can be achieved but Ben has ignored this and pushed John hard.

He gets involved with Philip Webster for gun fit and teaches John how to build a solid score card.

The method of teaching has taught John focus and concentration which shows as soon as he walks in the stand to shoot.

Most importantly the lessons have remained fun, and this has increased John’s capacity to learn.

Aged 11 John is now no 1 Colt at English Sporting which has been the goal for the last 2 years.

Shane/John Porter

When I arrived at the Phillip Thorrold shooting academy in may of 2020 I was very apprehensive not only was I entering a perceived male dominated sport I was about to learn from a world champion! I was totally shocked at how utterly down to earth and patient Phillip was he put me at ease straight away. I had only picked up a gun a couple of times and had very little experience. Under Phillips tutelage my shooting has come on in visible leaps and bounds and I have grown in confidence my Husband who has shot for many years also having seen my vast improvement and convinced he was passed being able to change and improve bit the bullet (metaphorically speaking) and had a lesson the subtle adjustments to shots he struggled with were astounding proving to both of us that you are never to far gone to improve! I would thoroughly recommend Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy no matter what stage you are at.

Annabel Jackson

Philip has coached me for a good number of years and he says, somewhat wryly, that my misses have got better! He has undoubtedly improved my shooting beyond belief.

I was talked in to buying specialist shooting glasses with a prescription but notwithstanding two or three changes of lenses, the shooting did not improve. Philip went back to the basics identified the problem and has solved my eye dominance issues.

He is a quiet unassuming gentleman with a great sense of humour who has vast shooting experience, expertise, and knowledge which he is happy to share with you.I think anyone looking to improve their shooting to do no better than trying to get a lesson with him as he is much in demand. I think anyone who is prepared to listen and take on board and listen to his experience and good advice will see their shooting improve beyond recognition. By way of example, Philip may say to me by I think you shot that clay at 2 pm (on a clock face) but I think if you shoot at 4 pm you should hit it. I think Philip has had easily an 80 to 90% success rate when I take on board such comments.

It is just a shame I don’t take him shooting with me!

Mark Scarborough-Taylor

I came to Philip after my shooting had plateaued out, I can honestly say that the tuition, environment, and facilities are unique and, in my opinion, cannot be found elsewhere.

The one-to-one lesson is exactly that, in an arena which facilitates targets of every conceivable speed, distance and angle with no outside interruptions from other shooters or people.

Philip makes you feel extremely comfortable and soon provided me with a simple and effective method of shooting which works on every target, and he conveys it in way that is to understand.

In addition to the practical side of shooting over serval lessons Philip also explained and provided me with techniques to take care of the method side of shooting his knowledge on this is unprecedented and it’s something that no one before had been able to convey to me.

Philip’s aftercare was also excellent taking a keen interest in the result of my shooting and always willing to discuss analyse and help me progress.

I cannot recommend this opportunity enough to spend time with a world class shooter who really understands his subject and gives you a platform to improve and master this craft.

James White

My daughter and I have regular lessons with Philip at the Shooting Academy. It is always great fun and we always come away learning something new. Learning to shoot well takes serious hard work and dedication.

Philip has the amazing ability to explain and break down every shot and gets you hitting the target in no time at all. This maybe through him demonstrating the shot or drawing one of his crazy diagrams in the ground. He just has the ability to explain what is needed to break targets. I couldn’t recommend him enough; he is simply brilliant as a coach. Emily absolutely loves going to the academy to train and is developing into a talented little shot.

Ed Chumbley

Had the most amazing day on a shoot. Jess was so welcoming, and Philip was an incredible instructor. Would highly recommend to any level of shot, from experienced to complete novice. By the end everyone was shooting pairs which was incredible. The breakfast and lunch provided was also amazing.

Thank you

Alice Bridges

Fantastic shooting ground such nice and kind people Philip and Ben are the best coaches in the world.  They have taught me everything I know and coached me to get me the Junior World Title and many more.

Just goes to show how good they are chosen to be a Champion look no further go see the Thorrold’s.

Aaron Harvey

Great Facility with top notch coaching from Ben.

Richard Vass

Just been for a lesson with Philip he explains and coaches in a way that you as an individual will understand. He knew what I was doing wrong after the first shot and turned my shooting round in minutes. Best coach there is.

Shaun Woodrow

Have been going to Phillip for well over five years (clays and game) without a doubt the best there is, very patient and looks at YOUR own individual needs and abilities he also teaches a lot of my friends and my 9-year-old son. Why do people come from all over the world to see him? Philip and his son Ben are true professionals at what they do, keep up the good work!

Kevin McBride

My son Charlie joined his academy end of August and in that time his monthly average has gone from 56.7 to 70 dead, Philip & Ben are top class instructors and watching and listening to them when they coach Charlie just makes so much sense. The set up they have is 1st class just like the chaps who run it.

Philip Soanes

I’ve been friends with Philip for around 40yrs and you wouldn’t find a nicer and more straight genuine man than Philip, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with the Ben and Jess watching them grow up and mature into two lovely hard working polite young people it’s a privilege to call them all very good friends.

And with the Shooting Academy you’ll be taught unquestionably by the best

All the very best for the future you all deserve it.

Glenn Garnham

I went to Philip to advance on my shooting. In my first lesson he had rectified my eye dominance issue with certain targets. Philip has very specific ways of shooting targets and passes on his great understanding and knowledge in this area. My lessons were all 1-2-1 in a purpose-built arena with every target you could ever come across in a competition, with no interruptions to allow for full focus. If there is anyone looking to move forward with their shooting, I would highly recommend this opportunity with a world class shot.

Rob Gooch

Last Sunday we did a Xmas family shoot day, it was amazing. All age range up to 80 years including one mummy to be with bump taking part. Jessica is amazing she took the time to show each one of us how to hold the gun, she arranged for our gran to have a lighter gun and cartridges and mummy to be to use smaller gun & cartridges, so impact and noise was all safe for bubs. Ben helped the men and they all said how great he was to both so welcoming and gave their time to help us all. I never thought I would be able to hit one but with Jessica guiding us the whole time, we all came away mega happy with our hits!! We all had an amazing day and have the bug to return and learn some more…. thank you for a lovely day, Jessica& Ben. Oh, and the lovely food was lush also.

Lisa Fulcher

Such an incredible simulated day at Quidenham Estate Simulated Game Shooting with our ladies!! Nothing but smiles all day, come rain or shine!! Jess and Philip have honestly created the most incredible simulated day I have personally been on! Their woodlands allowing for the perfect recreation of each game bird for all of the different drives! Their hospitality was second to none and the ladies all shot amazingly!! So proud of everyone today, all new faces and all left as friends, exactly what The Country Girls UK days are about!

The Country Girls UK

Absolutely cracking day from start to finish. Lovely atmosphere, first class hospitality and a really well run simulated day. 5 drives, all very different and testing in different ways. We took 8 guests along and everyone has commented how much they enjoyed the day.

Thank you very much to Jessica and Philip and their team. We will definitely look to make a return at the beginning of the next season.

Mark Hudson

Lovely Ladies Day! Well organised, great hosts, expert ( very!) guidance on hand as required, tasty home made catering, all in some beautiful settings. The clays kept coming! Whilst individually booked, the group gelled and already booking up a date next year! Thank you Jess, Philip and your team.


What a fantastic experience! Everything thought out to perfection right down to the last little details! Philip and Jessica’s hospitality is second to none! Everyone is catered for exceptionally and Jessica and Philip always strive to meet everyone’s personal needs! An outstanding range of targets that suit everyone’s abilities so there’s something for everyone and your barrels certainly don’t get cold and can easily go away 2 slabs of cartridges light if not more! Beautiful woodlands to shoot in, with a background story to every drive! Couldn’t recommend a simulated day at Quidenham enough! Will certainly be back again soon! Thanks for an exceptional day Jessica and Philip🤩

Chloe Y

I highly recommend Quidenham (as a whole experience). The hospitality is second to none, Jessica and Philip are so welcoming and helpful, the food is fantastic! The drives are FANTASTIC, a real mix of targets from crossing birds, Duck, partridge and driven pheasants, mixing up every drive with so many targets in the air, you can easily shoot 2 slabs – The drives are also set in woods which make it beautiful scenery. Overall a brilliant day out!

Yasmin Hempstead

Attended Quidenham clay and game day today, truly amazing day from start to finish. Philip and Jess wonderful hosts with a mixture of game and clay stands made the day go with a swing. Food was amazing can not recommend this enough.

Glenn Wilson

To find out how we can help you or one of your family develop as a shooter by joining the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, please get in touch.

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