Seth Peters

Seth started shooting at the age of 12, joining the Academy in 2019. His coach Ben Thorrold has helped him progress quickly into B Class where he recently shot a new personal best of 89/100.

Already Seth has finished 3rd in C Class at the Essex Masters, at the English Open Sporting, he came 3rd in Colts and was High Gun for C class ( 98/120 ). He has also regularly been placed in class at registered local competitions.

Seth’s aim is to be in A class for the start of 2023. 

During the Game season, he enjoys beating as well as getting to shoot on Beaters Day, as well as pigeon and squirrel shooting.

Seth’s advice would be to make sure you make every target count as well as really trying hard to forget the bad stands. Concentration is key.

Joined the Academy: 2019


Seth Peters
Seth Peters

Seth's Shooting Achievements


  • 3rd in Colts and High Gun for C Class at the English Open Sporting

  • 3rd in C Class at Essex Masters

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