Philip has coached me for a good number of years and he says, somewhat wryly, that my misses have got better! He has undoubtedly improved my shooting beyond belief.

I was talked in to buying specialist shooting glasses with a prescription but notwithstanding two or three changes of lenses, the shooting did not improve. Philip went back to the basics identified the problem and has solved my eye dominance issues.

He is a quiet unassuming gentleman with a great sense of humour who has vast shooting experience, expertise, and knowledge which he is happy to share with you.I think anyone looking to improve their shooting to do no better than trying to get a lesson with him as he is much in demand. I think anyone who is prepared to listen and take on board and listen to his experience and good advice will see their shooting improve beyond recognition. By way of example, Philip may say to me by I think you shot that clay at 2 pm (on a clock face) but I think if you shoot at 4 pm you should hit it. I think Philip has had easily an 80 to 90% success rate when I take on board such comments.

It is just a shame I don’t take him shooting with me!

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