I came to Philip Thorrold’s Shooting Academy after 5 years of shooting in Russia. I didn’t know even how to formulate what I needed to do in shooting clays. Our tuitions became a real invention for me.
During my first visit in 2020 we began from basics and it gave me a real understanding in technics ang gunfitting.
My next visit to Philip was in 2021 and we were working with duplets during 4 days.
Out tuitions gave me something really amazing in understanding processes in my shooting and in my head.
I’ve never earlier met such sensitive and effective approach to the student.
Every our lesson gave me a real new level in my shooting, my confidence and my skill.
If you go to Philip Thorrold’s Shooting Academy you get much more than you can expect. Your level will move forward after each lesson. Because Philip knows what exactly you need in this kind of sport. He work not only with phisics but also with your head.
Every minute with Philip was invaluable for me. Thank you, Philip Thorrold.

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