6 Trap Platform

Getting ready for the sporting season…

After the long winter we have just laid out more interesting sporting layouts for training, the traps include high tower 140ft & 100ft, rabbits fast & slow, loopers mid & standard, battues, mobile ball trap and down the line machine, for all training purposes. We have mobile platforms fitted out with 4 traps, 5 traps and 6 traps reaching up to 50ft, all traps are set at different angles and speeds providing the most effective way to learn how to improve your shooting skills.

If you have a problem target ask when booking a lesson, we will provide the target you need extra help with and at the distance you require so you can focus on the problem targets which you come across in your competitions.

Young shots and beginners we have a set of traps designed just for you, so you get a full understanding from the start.

We also have our simulated game platforms, which are open all year round.

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