About Us

The Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy was created to provide you with the best source of knowledge and training available for shotgun shooting and to bring together a community of shooters.

The Academy is not endorsed by any sponsorship nor have any ties to other companies, which we believe gives us the freedom to provide 100% honest, knowledge, training and products.

The Academy is founded by Philip Thorrold who is a professional shooting coach and one of the world’s top shooters.


Philip ThorroldPhilip Thorrold

Has been shooting since the age of 6 and has over 46 years’ experience, he is regarded as one of the world’s top shooters and has been a professional shooting coach since 2004, training students in all fields.

Some of the titles Philip has won are:

  • British Open Sporting Juniors 1st
  • British Open Sporting Side/Side 1st
  • British Open Sporting (x2) 1st
  • British Open FITASC Sporting 1st
  • NSSA European Iron Man Skeet Germany (399/400) 1st
  • English Open Skeet 1st
  • English All Round 1st
  • Beretta World Sporting Open (x2) 1st
  • FITASC Compact Sporting European (198/200) 1st
  • F.E.D.E.C.A.T Compact/Sporting World Championships Moscow 1st
  • Suffolk Open DTL (100/300) 1st
  • Former England Team Member Sporting
  • Former Great Britain Team Member FITASC
  • Former Great Britain Team Member Compact Sporting
  • CPSA CLA Champion of Champions 2011
Ben ThorroldBen Thorrold

Has been shooting since the age of 12 and has over 12 years’ experience, coaches students of all abilities from novice to sporting and game shooters to advanced shooters. Was trained himself by Philip and teaches the same techniques and disciplines.

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